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Welcome to Bjorliheimen Hotell!

Bjorliheimen Hotel and Meeting Center (600 masl) has a unique location - in the middle of Reinheimen National Park and just off the E136, halfway between Dombås and Åndalsnes.


The hotel is characterized by a home-cozy atmosphere and is reasonably priced. 40 caravan pitches as well as 15 cabins are also part of the offer Bjorliheimen provides.

Norway's most famous mountains and mountain roads (including Trollstigen) and an alpine center belong to Bjorliheimen's immediate area.

Ideal conditions for river kayaking, fishing and hunting opportunities. Several tens of km with separate walking and cycling paths.

Outdoor enthusiasts will have good experiences both summer and winter.

Free parking for buses, private cars and motorcycles.

Daily prices:

Single room w / breakfast: NOK 830

Double room w / breakfast: NOK 1,090

Triple room w / breakfast: NOK 1,430

Family room w / breakfast: NOK 1,780


NOK 490, - simple summer cabins with 4 beds (20m2)

NOK 990, - 4 + 4 beds with bathroom and kitchenette (30m2)

NOK 1,250 2 bedrooms for 6 persons, bathroom, kitchen (35 m2)

Large cabins with 6-11 beds, good standard, 60-80m2, ask for a price quote!


Electricity and sanitation: NOK 300


Welcome to Bjorliheimen Hotell and Reinheimen National Park!

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